- Friends are seeking donations for George and Dianne Nordling after flood damage to their home. Cf. Bob Melcher. Donate online.

- A class get-together on 4/19/2018 is set for the Conference Center at Mundelein Seminary. That is the day before the official celebration by the seminary on 4/20/2018 of the 50th anniversary of the Class of '68 ordination. Details. Cf. Jim Quirk.

- Rev. Robert A. Cross, June 9, 2017. Professors. More.

- Rev. Robert A. Cross, June 9, 2017. Professors. Obituary. Visitation Tuesday, June 13 from 3 to 8 pm. at St. Luke Church, 7600 Lake St., River Forest. On Wednesday, June 14, Visitation and Funeral will be at Ascension Church, 801 S. East Ave beginning at 9:30 until Mass at 10:30 am. Interment Queen of Heaven Cemetery. - See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/chicagotribune/obituary.aspx?n=robert-cross&pid=185764236&fhid=16229#sthash.6vCfV90I.dpuf.

- Don Sebek headed an April 2017 township slate seeking to protect family service programs. News. Web.

- Site www.9898.us/q61a updates include: Bio Jose' Acevedo (Students). Class data sheet rows (Students).

- Rev. William Sheridan, December 9, 2016. Professors.

- Frank J. Keller, September 29, 2016. (Students). Funeral, Lisle IL, Oct. 3-4.

- 9/10/2016 Cancelled: Proposed overnight at St. Mary of the Lake. Details.

- 8/18/2016 Tribute to our faculty. Photo. Details.

- Hugh Kelley, April 16, 2016. (Students).

- 9/12/2015 Mission party in Oak Park. Details.

- Joe Corso, Dave Van Thull, Rev. Ken Kleiber, Rev. Ray 'Pete' Devereux, Dr. Jose' Acevedo. (Students).

- 53 of us now have bio information posted. (Students).

- 8/28/2014 Mission party in Oak Park, with Rev. John Cuff of Hong Kong. Photos by Ed Barbier.

- Our Bennie classmates (1957 Yearbook) are now included in the 'addl' list (Students). Thanks to Jim Gallagher.

- 9/21/2013 Mission party in Oak Park.

- 6/10/2012 The '50 + 1 Reunion' at Quigley. Organized by The Reunion Committee. Home Page.

- 6/9/2012 Mission party in Oak Park, hosted by Jay Champelli and John Lillig. Photos by Hugh Kelley.

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The reception group 

Sunday June 10, 2012 We had 59 attendees at Mass and the dinner and 43 at the Saturday night mission party, (where we raised $475 for John Cuff and Maryknoll). That's 64 of our classmates out of 114 (56%).  Jay.

 Jay Champelli, John Apczynski Marty Moran

 Jack Lillig, Larry Ormand, Hugh Kelley, John O'Donnell,
 Pete Mazza, Fr. Bill Sheridan, Jose Acevedo, Len Amerise,
 Mike Gerharz, Frank Keller, Bob Beaven, Tom Hanrahan,
 Ed Barbier

 Jim Costello, Carl Wisniewski, Joe Voss, Frank Cihlar,
 Mike Marsden, Ron Del Ciello, Dave Van Thull, Charley Koop,
 Joe Corso, Bill Hintz, Dave De Craene, George Dobes,
 Ron (Ia)Covelli, Gus Belauskas, Jim Quirk, Charlie Tobin,
 Tony Ziak, Greg Casserly, Tom McGinlay, Don Sebek,
 Mel Krumdick, Tom Hund, Bob Gallie, Jim Reinhart,
 Ted Matuga, John Mondi, Rich Semyck, Bill Lynch,
 Jim (Ben) Herlihy, Jack Smith, Wally Aument, Stan Pasko,
 John Kiselis, Al Sikora, George Rassas, Larry Dunn,

Attended, not in the picture:
 Tom Craig, Marty Gabel, George Nordling, Gerry Riva,
 Al Schimpf, Jerry Snyder, Steve Staudenmeyer, Ted Weitzel

The Committee

Reunion Committee

Many thanks from all of us for the work done by the Committee.

Left to right. Jay Champelli, Tony Ziak, Jack Smith, Jack Lillig, Pete Mazza,
Jim (Ben) Herlihy, Bill Lynch