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Father Hoffman Father Winters Sheridan

Brackin and KoziolThe cafeteria was an interesting place.  I thought almost all of the dishes were quite good.  We all had jokes about the selections, but we ate well.  Fathers Basehart and Brackin were always present to improve our manners and etiquette.



CrosbyGoing through the chapel while some priests were hearing  student confessions and hearing, "You did what? How many times?" (Tom McHugh Q '60)

Suit coats the students wore that had torn pockets and elbows. (Tom McHugh Q '60).


We were truly blessed to be at QPS. God had plans for all of us. QPS made possible our lifelong friendships, our careers, and our spouses and families. I am so proud of my classmates and so grateful to God for his blessing. Tony Belmonte Q '55

a103 E Chestnut
Freezing to death in our gym shorts at Lake Shore Park's cinder track during the winter. (Tom McHugh Q '60)

Annex Years two and three were in the Annex, on the other side  of State Street...a warehouse type building with many huge windows.  I was assigned to 2A and 3A , homerooms with advanced studies.  I remember making the trek down to the park near the lakefront for gym class when the weather allowed.  I remember my transformation from a shy, timid freshman to a more gregarious individual. I remember with pleasure, my exposure to different ethnic foods as i attended poker parties at the home of various classmates. (Richard Hacker QS '62)  
Quigley was the most influential factor in my personal development...other than family.  (James T. Horn QS '67)

How many times did you wait in line on this stairway wondering what was going on.
FacultyThese wonderful priests shaped our lives and touched our hearts. They have left a legacy for our Church and our community that continues to this day. (Frank Cane QN '61)

When I entered Quigley in 1956 as a scared, apprehensive freshman, it was somewhat intimidating.
 Sophomores concerned me.  As the year progressed, I became more comfortable. I was in 1K. Father Jim Voss really challenged us in Latin Class. Physical Education with Mr. Tony Oliver was tough.  Father George McKenna was uncanny in leaning all our names (441 1st year students). WOW!  In 2nd year at the Annex, Fr. Ed Duggan was a tough disciplinarian.  Fr. Claude Klarkowski made us work in Latin class.  Fr. Matt Hoffman – was the nice English teacher. So much for 2nd year at the Annex.  In 3rd year back at the regular building  - Fr. John Harnett ( a slightly political man) was interesting with his methods.  Fr. McGlynn  Greek Professor. I remember Fr. J. Austin Graff as my German Professor.  I recall Lake Shore Park for outdoor gym class.  I survived the swimming pool.

Now in the 4th year (back at the Annex) some memories stand out.  Fr. Claude in Latin again.  Fr. Gene Faucher was a nice, good Greek Professor. Fr. Frank Nickels was a neat German Professor. I remember struggling with and surviving Trigonometry with Fr. Julius Klose. I got to 5th year back at the main building. We had Fr. Harnett again for Latin and he was very entertaining with his views on Kennedy-Nixon 1960.  Physics was tough for me with Fr. Frank Koziol. History of Education with Fr. Tony Benesh was interesting. I still remember Fr. Marty Winters trying to discover the identity of   "The High Llama” – our sports editor.

The five years of Quigley were wonderful and left me with some classmates; I still socialize with although not frequently enough. I always thank God for Quigley…which I linked with Fr. J Austin Graff, Fr. Bill Sheridan, Fr. George McKenna, and Fr. Matt Hoffman (now deceased).  These men have been Spiritual Directors for me to this day.  I recollect with fondness meeting with Fr. John Harnett, Msgr. Charles Meter, and Fr. John McMahon when I was long finished with Quigley.

Quigley taught me values I espouse today.  Quigley introduced to wonderful priest faulty members and classmates who are till integral in my life today.
Tony Ziak QN '61

.with the number of us still around and the number who may be planning on coming on the 10th, it may not be time-practical to ask for "sharing' a  funny story from our history as a class-example-

I'm thinking  of the time we "borrowed"  and returned a wheelchair from Cook County Hospital -in the days we were doing Thursday night visitations at the hospital-to use in the Senior show-Frank Burchby played F.D.R. for Red Winter's edification;

 the time we hid Fr. Smid's breviary-the one he used to "gently whack" the wayward 'offending'  party in the hallways-we hid it in Monsignor Marty Howard's bookcase- how it was found escapes me right now;

then there was  the time a prized desk objet'dar(a snow globe I believe)  from Monsignor (Then Father) Bracken's office desk wound up dead center  on the altar in the chapel  in time for one of Father Murphy(?)'s (he of the meal-stained greasy cassock) chapel talks on the evils of dating and fallen women, the joys of celibacy, and on and on.

Swimming Pool gym

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