New Chicago TV Channels Developers Page

Work group shared materials.

Note: Items on this page are being shared by a work group. They include some work memos and draft versions of potential public documents.

RE: New noncommercial community broadcast television channels for metropolitan Chicago.

Some files --
  • 5/19/10. About the 'virtual channel' guide, suggested by some as a useful educational tool and helpful in a proposal - -

    There is a prototype [here] at the Class War Channel site. Although a virtual channel guide can begin with imaginary shows and sources, the more real organizational and individual producers we can identify over time, the better. Especially if they have rich archives and develop good shows on a regular basis. b.g.
  • Coming: More notes from the 4/27/2010 meeting.
  • A form to collect suggestions for channel content.
  • An electronic program guide, draft epgbt02, a test layout for a web demonstration channel.
  • A playlist tool, a spreadsheet for comparing playlist time with available time. Screenshot. Xls file, for a spreadsheet application.
  • Channel usage by program frequency.
  • The Need and Opportunity for channels.

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