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- The unemployed have a right to benefits that do not run out while involuntary unemployment continues.
- The unemployed have a right to continuous good family healthcare benefits.
- The unemployed have a right to nourishment, not to have basic utilities turned off, and not to be evicted from their homes.
- The unemployed and underemployed demand competent and respectful services from the governmental and private programs funded to serve their needs.
- The unemployed and underemployed have a right to quality job placement assistance and training services, and to occassional childcare assistance.
- The unemployed and underemployed have a right to legal assistance in getting compensation owed them and in contesting disciplinary actions, layoffs, and terminations.
- The unemployed and underemployed have a right to use public transportation without charge.
- The unemployed and underemployed have the right to assemble publicly in numbers without police harassment, in order to educate the public and to organize themselves around demands for public policies.
- Unemployed and underemployed workers support--and will not be used against--employed workers' actions to protect and improve their jobs.
- The unemployed and underemployed have a right to moratoriums and adjustments to preserve their homes and savings.
- There is enough work to be done, but jobs and wealth are being distributed very unevenly.
- Our government should provide the missing jobs that private employers do not.
- A national union of the unemployed and underemployed is a good idea.

(Please select one.)

- EMPLOYED. Have the work and pay your family needs.
- RETIRED and not needing work.
- DISABLED. Unable to work.
- UNEMPLOYED, and expecting to get work.
- Unemployed, and DISCOURAGED.
- UNDEREMPLOYED. In need of better pay for your time and abilities, or more work time, or better work conditions, or union representation.
- PASS. Skipping this question.

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